BURN THIS / June 2011

  1. Graham Colton "Pacific Coast Eyes"
  2. Matt Wertz "Everything Will Be Alright"
  3. Brett Dennen "Make You Fall In Love With Me"
  4. Ximena SariƱana "Different"
  5. Mat Kearney "Hey Mama"
  6. William Fitzsimmons (featuring Julia Stone) "Let You Break"
  7. Bob Schneider "Honeypot"
  8. Two Spot Gobi (featuring Jason Mraz) "Tomorrow"
  9. Release The Sunbird "Always Like The Son"
  10. Bahamas "Whole Wide World"
  11. Ernie Halter "Come Home To Me"
  12. Amos Lee "Flower"
  13. Dawes "If I Wanted Someone"
  14. Jessica Lea Mayfield "Grown Man"
  15. Dispatch "Beto"
  16. Trevor Hall "Different Hunger"
  17. Iration "Summer Nights"
  18. Bedouin Soundclash "Fools Tattoo"
  19. The Beautiful Girls "Gratitude"
  20. Plutonic & G. Love "Fuck It"
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