CD REVIEW: Incubus "If Not Now, When?"

If Not Now, When?
With age and experience come maturity and what Incubus has proven is that maturity is what rock bands need to survive a long career. Their latest album is their most mature to date. While the subject matter and the passion has been top notch through their entire career, having come this far and having the individual experiences that each member bring to the table, lead to an all new idea of what musicality can be. "If Not Now, When?" is a collection of heartfelt and musical tracks that mix Incubus' signature cutting edge alt-rock with a gentler delivery. By no means is this band any different, but songs like "Promises, Promises" and "Friends And Lovers" are a graduation from the high school roots of the band that formed almost 20 years ago to a PhD in lyric driven and musical alternative rock. "Adolescents" and "Isadore" are two more prime examples of how the band has grown over the course of the last decade, showing off the necessity of synergy between music, lyrics, delivery, and content. This album may signal a reinvention of the band and broaden their fanbase much further than once imaginable.