CD REVIEW: Sublime With Rome "Yours Truly"

Yours Truly (Deluxe) [Explicit] [+Digital Booklet]
With the death of Bradley Nowell at the height of success of Sublime, the world was left at a disadvantage. The world would never get new music (not previously recorded) from Sublime. Fortunately, the surviving members of the band felt that they should continue Nowell's legacy and find themselves a new lead singer, not to take Brad's place, but to continue his legacy. Enter, Rome Ramirez. This youngster could have been successful all on his own, but his love for the music of Sublime, and his creative energy was perfect for the reincarnation of Sublime as Sublime With Rome. Their new album is not a copycat rendition of years past, but a new take on what it would be like if Sublime came around about two decades after they formed. If Sublime was a new band these days they would have most likely been influenced by all of their original influences, and with all of the pop and punk and hip hop that has come out since they originally formed. This album is at times mellow and loud, and is incredibly tight. It features stuff you might not have heard with the Nowell fronted version and the highlights include the lead single "Panic," and the acoustic rocker "PCH." Sublime With Rome is both a throwback and a new take on the sunshine and angst of 90's era Sublime, and their new/debut album shows that what is old is new and you really can go home again.