CD REVIEW: Graham Colton "Pacific Coast Eyes, Vol. 2"

Graham Colton's rerelease of his latest album is coupled with a short EP of new tunes. The EP (which is actually, the Vol. 2 portion) has three tracks from the original collection which he rerecorded and three tracks that were left off the original mix. The bottom line is that Graham wanted his fans to get the most out of this album, and rereleasing it was the best way. The album features the hit title song single (as well as the EP) which showcases Colton at his pop songwriting best. "Love Comes Back Around" and "1981" are also standouts of the album. The nicest reinvention of a song on the album is "Twenty Something" which gets the full pop rock treatment in this updated version of one of the best tracks from Colton's self released EPs. Graham Colton has proven that he in no way needs a major label behind him to make and release great music. He is a true underappreciated talent that has no where to go but up.