CD REVIEW: Chamberlin "Cabin Covers EP"

When bands release cover songs they can be one of two things: karaoke copycat versions or total reinventions. Chamberlin has reinvented a small handful of tunes that have recently graced the airwaves of alternative and indie rock radio. Covering fresh new material is always a challenge, but it's also refreshing to hear a different take on catchy music that is still floating around in your head. The coolest is the interpretation of Kanye West's "Lost In The World" which takes a rock band covering hip hop in a different direction. Now, Kanye sung much of that tracks, but Chamberlin adds a bit of spookiness that is similar to Bon Iver (which coincidentally cowrote and sung on Kanye's track). Foster The People's gigantic hit "Pumped Up Kicks" gets a new spin with Chamerlin's signature style, and sounds nothing like the original, but still maintains it's slick catchy nature. Cults, Vampire Weekend, and Passion Pit songs also get a fresh coat of Chamberlin paint. This EP is a steller, yet short, collection of cover songs that are so well performed that they could easily be mistaken for Chamberlin originals.