REVIEW: Javier Colon "Come Through For You"

Javier Colon has been at it for quite some time, trying to make a name for himself. Never giving up is something that has kept him going and after an appearance on NBC's "The Voice" he finally got the platform he has always needed to make it all happen. His debut album (well, not really... he's self released others in the past) is a collection of pop gold. He had the help of a handful of excellent writers to put together a stunning debut that features his entire range of musical abilities. He's got a few tunes in there that are soulful R&B and a handful that are pure pop. The standout tracks include the title song, "Life Is Getting Better," and his collaboration with his "Voice" coach, Maroon 5's Adam Levine. The collaboration, a track entitled "Stand Up," Is a mix of Colon's soulfulness and Levine's funkiness, mixed with a ton of swagger that is not overdone. Colon has proven that it matters not how long you've been in the game, but the drive you put in what what and who you love. Colon is sure to ride the success of the show on the heels of this album and have an outstanding music career.