REVIEW: Tony Lucca "Under The Influence"

Tony Lucca is not a new face in the music scene, despite his recent introduction to the pop culture world through his debut performance on the second season of NBC's "The Voice." He has released a handful of albums independently and through independent labels, and as a teen, was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club (right alongside Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera). In 2011, Lucca released this collection of music, his first full album of cover songs. Being that he will be doing a lot of that while trying win this singing competition, its great to hear that not only has he had proven success in the past, he sure can sing. This album features Lucca at his best, not trying to impress with his own lyrics (which are awesome by themselves) but as a singer just singing great songs. The songs may or may not be familiar to everyone, but they showcase Tony Lucca as he will be on the show, as he is as a singer, and open a window into who he has been as a musician over the past decade or so. If anyone is looking for an introduction to Lucca, here is a great place to start. It's an outstanding collection of songs sung by an incredible artist. But, if anyone wants to really be wowed, listening to his previous albums of original tunes will surely show why he is probably a (very) early favorite to take the title in season 2. And, picking Adam Levine as his coach is going to help quite a bit as well.