REVIEW: Bahamas - Barchords

Bahamas sounds like an alt-country version of mellow acoustic rock you might hear on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific or California or even the Caribbean. The cool, calm feel of all the songs on the album feel like a bit of a throwback to simpler, more jangly music that was around in the 50's and 60's. However, the coolest part of Bahamas' new album and his musical performances as a whole, the songs sound so new and fresh and innovative. "Caught Me Thinking" is an instant classic and takes his last album and launches it into a new stratosphere of music. While every song on his first album was artistic, the accessibility of the masses was virtually non-existent. The new album is a fuller, catchier, and brighter version of his debut (of course with all new songs). While critically his debut was raved about, not many people (aside from the Brushfire Records die-hard fans) really embraced it. This album will be one that many fans from all over the world will be able to wrap their arms around and fall in love with. Standout's include the mellow opener "Lost In The Light" along with "OK Alright I'm Alive." Songs such as the vintage sounding "I Got You Babe" and "Your Sweet Touch" will surely become fan favorites, particularly amongst those who understand and appreciate the album as a whole and don't just key in on what they might hear on the radio or see on the web. "Barchords" is awesome, yet simple, artsy music for the listener who wants something that doesn't sound a whole lot like the rest of everything else.