REVIEW: Ben Kweller - Go Fly A Kite

Ben Kweller is a talented musician that has proven that he can go through everything from power pop to country music. His last was a departure from his folk pop roots, but this new album is a return to what we grew to love Kweller for. Of all his releases this album most resembles his ATO Records debut "Sha Sha" and all his indie work prior to that. The disc is hook filled and will have you humming and singing along to it by the third track. It begins with "Mean To Me," where ben displays his closest Weezer impersonation. It's in your face power pop that you practically have memorized by the end of the song. The song is so good that, upon first listen, you might replay it before heading into track two. "Jealous Girl" is the obvious standout with it's catchy lyrics and accessible folk-pop tones. This is the song that you'd hear accross multiple radio formats and it would fit in and standout in all of them. Kweller is a master of simplicity, knowing just how to boil his own complexity down to make his songs likeable. "Go Fly A Kite" is a return to his roots, sitting just where and why we fell in love with him.