REVIEW: Eric Hutchinson - Moving Up Living Down

Eric Hutchinson writes and sings his music like he's a twenty year veteran of the industry. His tunes are pop gold and each and every one sounds as tight as ever on his newest album. Pretty much picking up where he left off on his last, his music dives into the various aspects off love and relationships in an incredibly relatable way. In fact, he has such a way with words and music, he can make a miserable feeling and make it sound fun and exciting just as he does on debut single "Watching You Watch Him." Other songs on the album are the piano driven "Best Days" and the subtly reggae influenced "Talk Is Cheap." Hutchinson is one of this generations premier pop singer/songwriters and his range reaches from the top 40 airwaves all the way to the smoky bars and open mic nights of the world. This latest just proves that his last album and subsequent success was no freak accident.