REVIEW: Pete Kilpatrick Band - Heavy Fire

Pete Kilpatrick Band is an incredibly underappreciated force in the music world. On their latest album they continue the greatness that they started two releases ago, and deliver well crafted pop and rock songs that showcase the intricacies of Kilpatricks lyrics and how well they are interwoven with the music. Friend and collaborator Stefan Lessard (of Dave Matthews Band) lends his talents to the edgy track "Burning Star." The title track is the album's anchor and standout, Showcasing both Kilpatrick's ability to write a catchy hook and the band's talents for crafting rock songs that don't sound like everything else on the radio. The lyrics are the root of the success of the album, but it's the creative music and instrumentation that is the glue that holds it all together, making for, quite possibly, PKB's best collection of songs to date. Each song on the album will translate well to the live stage and the album's true beauty can be fully realized upon first listen. It's not often band's can create such magnificence without a major label footing the bill, but Pete Kilpatrick Band continue to prove that the music is the heart of their band, and when it works it just works.