#reviewoftheweek / Dave Barnes - Golden Days

Dave Barnes is one of those underappreciated singer/songwriters. Great at his craft but still flying under the radar. Sure, some of his songs have been covered/recorded by popular artists, but Dave still seems to go unnoticed as an artist in his own right. This album seeks to uncover Barnes' true self as both a singer and a songwriter, showcasing some of his best performed and written lyrics to date. The album is pure pop rock with sing-a-long style hooks and catchy guitar riffs. The songs are identifiable and accessible by any music fan, and a welcome addition to his extensive catalogue. "Twenty Three" and "Loving Los Angeles" are two of his greatest lyrical pop songs. While his stock as a songwriter will most likely maintain its level of interest amongst his peers, it's his stock as a performer that is sure to gain a few points with fans, new and old.