#reviewoftheweek / The Fray - Helios

Veterans of the pop rock music scene, Denver natives The Fray keep reinventing and reinvigorating their music with each new release. Their newest endeavor has them venturing into a little bit more of the faced passed electronic rock that seems to be populating the airwaves today. The difference, The Fray have done it with class, still retaining who they were and are at the core. They sound and their lyrical composition remains fully intact on the album but it is the production that highlights this release and sets it apart from their catalogue. Stuart Price is at the helm, best known for his work with the Killers and Keane (with Ryan Tedder helping on the first single). He brings an excitement and a new edgy life to the Fray's sound. The primary example of this is the hard rocking and danceable track "Give It Away." The Fray are at their best when they are doing what comes naturally as well as in tracks like the upbeat single "Love Don't Die," the lead track "Hold My Hand," and the rocker "Hurricane." All in all, on this album The Fray keep themselves relevant in the music world while maintaining what brought them fame and success.