#reviewoftheweek / The Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality

Electronic music is at the forefront of popular music these days and the EDM moniker is getting thrown around to describe any music that has electronic qualities these days. However, The Glitch Mob have done it right on their latest album and created a sound that is more rooted in rock and traditional electronic music similar to the 90's sounds that make the style so accessible. "Can't Kill Us" is a badass tune that could fit well on any action movie soundtrack and has already popped up on at least one movie trailer. The album's standout track is "Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart" which is lyrically driven and showcases their more mellow side. "Carry The Sun," "Skytoucher," and "Becoming Harmonious" are all excellent tracks as well showing of different facets of their sound. This music will wow fans of every genre of music from the psychedelic sounds of jam rock to the dancefloor drops of EDM. The Glitch Mob have proven that electronic music is no gimmick and when done right the results are mind blowing.