#reviewoftheweek / Kongos - Lunatic

Alternative rock music can be very monotonous and it's always nice when a band comes along to shake things up. Kongos is just that injection that alt-rock radio needs to freshen its sound and entice listeners to believe in the state of music. The most unorthodox thing about the band is that they have an accordion player! That's right, just as DMB shook things up in the mid-nineties by coming onto the scene with a violin player, Kongos is showcasing that music and sound are more interesting when you are doing things differently. "Come With Me Now" is all over the airwaves, and rightfully so, due to the fact that it is incredibly catchy and well-written and an all around great rock tune. Other highlights on the album include "I'm Only Joking" and "Escape." These guys and this album have already blow up huge in the UK and they have proven that they have what it takes to be huge. Now the US can and should embrace this band, album, and creative sound.