#reviewoftheweek / The Bamboos - Fever In The Road

Australian funk outfit, The Bamboos, have just released their newest album stateside, and this should have everyone stopping to pay attention (if they haven't been already for some years). Funk is not something that is mainstream, but the party feel of the music on this disc showcases just how much fun it is and how much pop music actually owes to this genre. Sure, a lot of it is just instrumental music, but when you add some lyrics and a soulful songstress it changes the game. The album's lead single is "Avenger" and this showcases just that theory. The fun live energy of the band comes right out of the speakers and transports the listener to a whole new level of musical entertainment. Other standouts include "Your Lovin' Is Easy" and "Rats." This is truly a masterpiece and is going enlighten a whole new group of fans like never before.