#reviewoftheweek / Ray LaMontagne - Supernova

Now that Ray LaMontagne has solidified himself as a force in popular music, showcasing his brilliant throwback folk, it became time to branch out and add new layers into his sound. Enter produce Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. Auerbach helped LaMontagne really dive deep into the 60's and 70's folk sound that his music is rooted in, delivering an outstanding new collection of songs. This album doesn't have the same full live band feel of the last, however it stands out as possibly his best collection of songs since his debut. The title track is phenomenal and a great pop rock crossover tune, but it's songs like "Ojai," "Airwaves," and "No Other Way" that show off the true character of the album. He certainly has outdone himself with this one, and LaMontagne has proven that old is new again and it sounds just as good as ever.