#reviewoftheweek / The Hunts - Those Younger Days

It's hard enough to imagine what's it's like to be in a band that features 7 members. It's another thing all together to imagine what's it's like to be one of 7 siblings. The Hunts are a new folk band that features 7 siblings ranging from 16 to 24 years old, that are all incredible singers and multi-instrumentalists. Their performances are mindblowing, and that is because this album is mindblowing. Featuring every instrument you can think of from banjos and mandolins all the way to violins, their mini string orchestra coupled with the talents of their main singers (both male and female) show just how exciting folk music can be. The entire album has an underlying pop feel but lives squarely in the new folk movement, similar to bands like The Lumineers, The Lone Bellow, and Houndmouth. Songs on the album that showcase the best of their best are "Illuminate," "Make This Leap," and "Just For A While." You will never hear a band have more fun making music on a studio album, but it is evident that this family band loves what they do and does what they love.