#reviewoftheweek / Roo Panes - Paperweights

The debut album from Roo Panes is a thing of wonder. This up-and-coming singer/songwriter is going to spearhead a new generation of mellow folkies that is going to take the world by storm. Just as musicians like David Gray and Damien Rice, Panes is bringing straightforward mellow acoustic music across the pond. The airwaves have been dominated by poppy singers with acoustic guitars and folky balladeers, but Panes is different. His voice is an instrument equally as much as any actual instruments on the disc. Highlights on the album include "The Original" and "Where I Want To Go." This is the type of music you can listen to while falling asleep, going on an adventure, or chilling by the pool. It's different and familiar at the same time and accessible by fans of all genres. One of this year's true gems, this album is destined to be among the year's best come December.