CD REVIEW: Lifehouse "Smoke & Mirrors"

You can always count on Lifehouse to make good music, and this album does not disappoint. Ever since they broke onto the scene with "Hanging By A Moment" they have striven to write a song like that and release an album like their debut. "Smoke & Mirrors" is a return to form for Lifehouse. In a sea of sameness, it seems that the way to succeed is to just keep doing the same thing. Lifehouse have grown with the music industry and the alternative and modern rock genres making themselves accessible to their die hard fans and gain new ones as well. "All In" leads off this album and is one of their best songs not released as a single (not saying that it won't make it's way onto radio, it just hasn't yet). The lead single, "Halfway Gone," off of this album bring the band full circle and reminds us why Lifehouse made it big in the first place. Rest assured Lifehouse will continue to make music, and as long as they stick to their usual game plan, the results will always be pleasing.