CD REVIEW: Band Of Horses "Infinite Arms"

Band Of Horses continues to grow and change with the albums that they release, and their newest effort is their most ambitious to date. The album, which finds them releasing on a major label for the first time, features the band's new five member lineup and some excellent indie-meets-southern rock music. The harmonies on the album are reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, but the music is all Band Of Horses. The first single "Laredo" along with "Compliments" and "Factory" are all incredibly different songs than they have released in the past, yet they are the best songs on the album. "Evening Kitchen" and "Blue Beard" have elements of the band's first two album, showing off the sweeping indie rock that we heard on songs like "The Funeral" and "Is There A Ghost." Band Of Horses is at the top of their game, and has now begun to set themselves apart from all the other indie rock bands trying to do the same old thing. This album has proven that Band Of Horses is the real deal and has range in their music and musicality that goes far beyond the guitar/bass/drums formula.