CD REVIEW: Chase McBride "The Good Fight"

Independent artists sometimes take on ambitious project, not only to prove that they are the real deal, but mostly because they have to release their buildup of creative energy. This latest full length album by Chase McBride is the first of a double release that is part of this ambitious endeavour. The entire album is filled with mellow folk rock that starts up right where his debut EP left off. Produced by Todd Hannigan, known for his own west coast style folk and surf film music, the album features a stunning collection of original tunes that are lyrically masterful and musically breathtaking. Song after song the progression takes you on a journey into the mind, soul, and views of Chase McBride, who has the unbelievable ability to connect to his listeners through lyrics that some seasoned veterans of the music world can't accomplish. The title track, "Daylight Come," and "Hold Me Up" are all incredible compositions that are both funky and mellow, showing off his unique approach at folk music. Fans of Dispatch, Trevor Hall, and even Jack Johnson will love this music without feeling like McBride is a copycat of any of their styles. With this release Chase McBride has begun to establish himself as part of the new breed of independent artists who do it their way, build a grassroots following, and truly show off what it means to be a musician.