CD REVIEW: Chase McBride "Wild Child"

Part two of Chase McBride's double release is an EP of songs that are a slight departure from his full length album "The Good Fight" while still utilizing his creativity and musicianship. This EP continues on the same path lyrically and musically as the previous album, with one twist, it was self produced and much more stripped down and organic. Without the aide of an established music producer, studio space, or high tech recording equipment, McBride harnesses the essence of who he is as a musician. His lyrics are personal and poetic and the music that accompanies them plays along like a simple soundtrack to his stories. "Gloria" and "Soul" are two of Chase's best compositions. The EP is about Chase connecting to the music and his surroundings, and he delivers some incredible tunes that sound as if they could have been written and record back in the 60's. Chase McBride is an awesome folk artist who knows the ins and outs of making a recording, writing poignant songs, and being true to who he is. "Wild Child" is a testament to McBride the musician, person, and friend, and is exactly the type of record that all folk artists should set out to create.