CD REVIEW: Josh Ritter "So Runs The World Away"

So Runs The World Away With each new album, Josh Ritter continues to tweak his music to create and even more complex and creative collection of music. With his newest album, he has developed an array of incredibly different songs that form one of his best full length recordings. There are a handful of songs that are both catchy, lyrically poignant, and artistically musical. He mixes big and bold with soft and small, taking the listener on quite a musical journey. "The Curse," one of his most lyrically beautiful compositions ever, tells the story of a cursed mummy coming back to life and falling in love with the woman who unearthed him and brought him to a museum in New York. It's a very unreal concept, but his soft delivery and lyrical poetry make it one of his best love songs. "Rattling Locks," "Lantern," and "Another New World" are all album standouts, and are surely amongst the best songs Ritter has ever recorded. "Change Of Time" was the album's introduction to the world as it is currently in heavy rotation at AAA radio, and climbing the charts. Ritter's new music is quite possibly his best, and as he has proven time and time again, his creativity in his songwriting makes every album, especially this one, outstanding.