CD REVIEW: Isaac Russell "Isaac Russell EP"

Isaac Russell - EP
Every now and then a musician comes along that just makes a great impression upon first listen. Isaac Russell is the latest singer/songwriter to showcase his skills and wow listeners with his blend of subtle pop rock. His vocals are a bit familiar, similar to artists like Matt Hires and Howie Day, and his lyrics are beautiful and show off his ability to tell a story through song. "Lighthouse" is the song that leads off the album and just draws you in. It's not your typical pop song, but it still has catchy lyrics and you'll find yourself wanting to replay the song once it has ended. His song "Elizabeth" is his most beautiful, and despite its somber tone and subject matter, listeners will be able to grasp his heavy emotion within the first verse. "Golden" is another of the five tracks that has a catchy feel, and although it seems as though "Lighthouse" will begin to define Isaac's career, it's songs like "Golden" that will have Russell hooking and keeping fans for a long time. It's quite a tease just to hear a few tracks from Isaac Russell, but surely he will definitely be back with a full length album as this EP definitely warrants a follow up.