CD REVIEW: Jesse Dee "Bittersweet Batch"

Bittersweet Batch
Old souls seem to be few and far between these days, but Jesse Dee has found a way to mix the new with the old on his newest album. The entire album sounds like it was made in the 50's with the smooth sounds of jazz, funk, and big band permeating through the speakers. Jesse's vocal delivery makes the album current and accessible to listeners, combining the modern take on rock music with the classic sounds of old school pop and jazz. Martin Sexton and members of Ryan Montbleau's band appear as a few of the extensive array of backing musicians. "Slow Down," "Alright," and "Around Here" are some of the album's best tracks. Jesse Dee's music has bits a pieces of the sounds of Maroon 5 and Rustic Overtones and his vocals are reminiscent of Amos Lee, but it is still all original. It's nice to hear musicians doing something all their own these days in a world where doing the same thing is the way to gain success. Jesse Dee is a true original and by the sound of his new album, he also seems uncompromising.