CD REVIEW: Ari Hest "Sunset Over Hope Street"

Sunset Over Hope Street (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version) [+digital booklet]
It's been quite a long career for Ari Hest who has seen ups and downs on his way to make a name for himself. Ari has always had quite a following and his grassroots efforts in the early stages of his career led to national recognition. Now, he's going indie once again with his latest album, which sees him sitting more behind a piano than slinging his signature acoustic guitar. The lead single, "How Would I Know" is classic Hest, showcasing his storytelling lyrics and his incredible ability to transform the subeject of love and relationships into poetry set to song. The title track is another classic that is sure to drive the albums recongition. Other songs like "One Track Mind" and "Down The Mountain" show off Hest's adventurous side, with songs don't sound like his typical repertoire. Ari Hest's music has always been compared to mega stars like Dave Matthews and John Mayer, but his newest album shows off his artistry, songwriting, and musicianship like never before.