CD REVIEW: Chamberlin "Bitter Blood"

Bitter Blood
Where indie rock and southern rock meet, you will usually find My Morning Jacket. Well, Chamberlin and their debut album have joined MMJ on that streetcorner and are staking their claim at this underapprecaited and unique genre. MMJ has always been known as the Radiohead of southern rock and Chamberlain takes its cures from both bands while also adding their unique blues driven rock element to the mix. The song "Dust" is classic indie rock, with sweeping vocals, big blues guitar, and an ambient quality that makes the song magical. The most intriguing and funkiest of the mix is "Paper Crown" which highlights the excellent production of the album, the best of the band's indie rock, and funky vocals that rival both Prince and Jim James. Chamberlin are one of the most talented new bands to hit the scene, and have the chops to create huge success by reaching out to fans of a variety of styles of music.