CD REVIEW: Bright Eyes "The People's Key"

The People's Key
Conor Oberst's original ego has returned after a hiatus, bringing back the classic indie rock that Bright Eyes in known for, with a bit of a twist. Having departed towards an Americana sound (and two of the best albums of the last few years), Oberst left behind the Bright Eyes sound, shelving it for future use. Amping up the traditional acoustic driven sound, Bright Eyes' newest album reminds us that indie rock is alive and well. Partnering again with Mike Mogis, the new album features, for the first time in a while, radio ready hit songs. "Shell Games:" has the makings of a chart topper, and "Haile Selassie" is poised to be a sleeper success on the charts. The core of Bright Eyes music is evident throughout, with the maturity of Oberst gained through extensive travel, solo albums, and just plain growing up shining at every turn of the album. This may be Bright Eyes' most accessible album to date, while still remaining osbcure enough to stay true to the musical roots that have been previously planted. The musical climate has changed in the past few years, and "The People's Key" has come at a time when the band and the music that it creates will be truly appreciated.