CD REVIEW: Guster "On The Ocean EP"

On The Ocean EP
Way back in the day, Guster would release their b-sides to their die hard fans (called reps) by way of a series of EPs known as "The Pasty Tapes." Recently, with the onset of the digital music revolution, Guster has found it in their hearts to grace all fans with the music that didn't quite make the cut on their full length albums. Bonus tracks and other EPs brought us the missing links from Guster's studio sessions. This EP is the latest to feature some Guster rarities, and showcases the radio edit of one of their best new songs from last year's "Easy Wonderful." The gems on the EP are the b-sides, the horn filled "Big White Bed" and Joe Pisapia led "Every Moment." They are both classic Guster and a welcome treat for both die hard and fair weather fans. The disc also features two live tracks from a show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and an indie-electronic remix of the song "This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart." Guster can never release enough music, and it is wonderful that they are sharing their craft with the world, even if it comes in little doses.