CD REVIEW: Matt Nathanson "Modern Love"

Modern Love
Matt Nathanson is one of those veteran musicians that doesn't always get the recognition that he deserves. Grammy awards are not something ever to grace him and his music, and excessive radio airplay is sparse at best. His latest album is about to change all of that. On the heels of his most successful single, Matt Nathanson harnessed the best parts of himself and his music from his entire career and jam packed that energy and creativity into his best and most complete album yet. Matt, as a storyteller, comes across as a true genius. His words aren't incredible poetic, but his messages and his imagery is honest and comes from a place that is actual and real, allowing the listeners to feel and live his music. "Faster" is a hit, and with the radio play it has and will continue to receive it is the song that is the foundation of the album. His recent friendship and collaborations with the country band Sugarland has spawned a new song that is worthy of a Grammy nomination and is sure to become the biggest hit on the album, across several radio formats. "Run" is a beautiful duet sung with Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles and it is just plain amazing. The title track along with the songs "Kept" and "Drop To Hold You" are both classic Nathanson and updated to showcase his age, growth, and maturity. Matt Nathanson is as underrated as he is magnificent, and finally an album will breath extra life into an already incredible career.