CD REVIEW: O.A.R. "King"

King (Deluxe Version)
O.A.R. takes making music more seriously than any other band in the business and that is never more evident than on their newest album. The defining piece is that the album sounds like an O.A.R. live show. It hasn't been this evident that O.A.R. was having fun in the studio since the release of "In Between Now And Then." The album is full of hit songs, although they may not be radio ready hits. "Heaven" is a song that could potentially have the band getting award recognition, but it's not a song that is truly the essence of the album. Songs like "Are You Low?," "Taking On The World Today," and "Dangerous Connection" are performed like they have been part of the O.A.R. arsenal since their earliest days. These songs are instant sing-a-longs and feature some instrumental parts that are destined to become insane live solos. The sweet spots on the album are the three interlude tracks thrown in to showcase their spontaneous nature and jam quality, and "We Made It" is one of the funkiest ditties that O.A.R. has ever recorded. The fun never stops and "The Last Time," "Not For Me," and "Gotta Live" prove that point. After two or three plays the songs on this album are as familiar as "Hey Girl" and "That Was a Crazy Game Of Poker." O.A.R. have outdone all expectations for this album and has set the bar pretty high. Once these guys take these songs out on the road, this album is going to reach a whole new level of awesomeness.