CD REVIEW: Release The Sunbird "Come Back To Us"

Come Back To Us
Lots of musicians like to participate in side projects. Many start new bands. Supergroups are a popular thing to try. Others go solo, trying out new music on their own. Release The Sunbird is a bit of all of those. The brainchild of Zach Rogue (lead singer of indie rockers Rouge Wave), this band is every bit of folk and indie that each member brings. The collection is essentially a solo album for Zach Rogue, as it is his music through a different venue. This is music that most likely could not have been executed with as much grace and gentleness by Rogue Wave. "Always Like The Sun" and "No Light" are indie folk gems, and cornerstones of the album. The brightest spot, however, is the album's title track, which updates a 60's California folk sound better than any other indie folk act around these days. Zach's unique voice coupled with female backing vocals is a thing of beauty. While this may be a one off and Zach might not venture down this path with this music again, it's a welcome detour from his day job that his fans benefit from.